Pistoia Alliance's 2023 Collaborate. Innovate. Educate Conference USA


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Hilton Boston Back Bay
40 Dalton Street, Boston, MA, 02115, Northeast

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What: Pistoia Alliance’s Collaborate. Innovate. Educate. Conference

Where: Hilton Boston Back Bay

When: November 14 & 15, 2023


We are delighted that so many of you have decided to join us in Boston, however please note, conference registration is now closed and only available to Pistoia Alliance members or those people who have received a personal invite. 

Non-Member Opportunities

If you are not a member of the Pistoia Alliance but are interested in attending with a view to joining please contact Grant Dench who will be able to explain ways in which you may be able to participate.

Reasons to Attend “Collaborate. Innovate. Educate”

  • Gain new insights on topical issues from top pharma senior R&D leaders
  • Engage in our collaborative projects and help solve shared industry challenges
  • Build your industry network at our dedicated evening networking reception

We will be shining the spotlight on key priorities for R&D including how we can collaborate to accelerate the use of AI, Real World Data and Real World Evidence and make data FAIR at scale. Join us for a mixture of plenary presentations, panel discussions, breakout groups, poster presentations and networking activities.





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