Pistoia Alliance's Improving Efficiency in Life Sciences R&D Webinar Series: Lab of the Future Session


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What: Pistoia Alliance’s Improving Efficiency in Life Sciences R&D Webinar Series: Lab of the Future Session


When: August 24, 1:30 PM BST / 8:30 AM EDT


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Event Summary

The Pistoia Alliance is pleased to announce a new webinar series as part of our overall theme of Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of R&D. Each webinar will explore the power of collaboration to solve shared challenges, drive transformation and reduce barriers to innovation in R&D.

The Lab is the center of innovation but the role and nature of the Lab has changed. These changes are being driven by advances in life science research, technology, and latterly, COVID-19.

  • What are the latest developments in the workspace, facilities planning, and technology?
  • What new innovations including collaborative digitalization can we expect to see in the Lab of Future?

Learn from industry experts and thought leaders as they share the latest trends and best practices in life sciences R&D and discuss how we can collaborate to innovate.

To learn more about the Pistoia Alliance’s Lab of the Future Community, click here.

Event Program

Anca Welcome & Introduction

Anca Ciobanu, Strategic Theme Lead, Pistoia Alliance
Email: Anca.Ciobanu@PistoiaAlliance.org

Anca Re-Invention Starts Here: Digital and Data-Led Research as Catalysts for R&D Productivity

Anca New Way of Discovery in Life Science With Collaborative Digitalization: Are We There Yet?

Jiang Lingling, Head of Research Informatics China, Novo Nordisk

Anca How to Drive Innovation in a Matrix System – A Drug Hunter’s View

Elisabeth Fiebiger, Senior Principal Scientist, AbbVie

Anca Gemini: Accelerating Vaccines Discovery via Multidisciplinary Digital Innovative Approaches

  • Mara Peccianti, Product Director Scientific Platforms & Product Dev Tools and Tech R&D Site Head- BP, GSK
  • Ilaria Ferlenghi, Head of Structural Microscopy Senior Manager, External RD, Scientific Coordinator External Speakers Seminars, GSK
Anca Co-creation or No-Creation: A Form of Collaborative Innovation to Iterate on Your Ideas – From Good to Great, From Great to Scale

Cognetti Giuseppe, Head, Future of Healthcare and Excellence – Data Sciences Institute – R&D Technology, Takeda

Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
Collaborative Project Opportunities for the Pistoia Alliance Members
Live Q&A Live Q&A


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