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Historically, digital technology has shown promise in clinical trials but the burden of change from historical practices was deemed too great. However, as a result of COVID-19, the current ability of organizations to run traditional trials has been almost eliminated and the virtual clinical trial and the digital route is one that has rapidly evolved over the last few months. This new acceptance of digital approaches is likely to lead to a sustained shift of delivery strategy in the clinical trial space.


This webinar will have experts sharing their experience and knowledge in the field of delivering virtual clinical trials, looking at topics such as patient recruitment, mobile data capture, system validation, regulatory aspects, and patient data safeguarding. This will be followed by Q&A and a panel discussion with the speakers.


Sessions to include:

Experience and lessons learnt delivering a virtual trials environment for COVID19


Speakers to include:

Marie McCarthy, Senior Director Product Innovation, ICON
Chris Moore, President Europe, Veeva Systems
Deepak Ananthan, Director, Clinical Biometry, Zifo R&D Solutions


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