Pistoia Alliance Member Roundtable: Biological Licensing #2 - Nagoya Protocol


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What: Biological Licensing Roundtable #2 – Nagoya Protocol


When: December 15, 11 AM EST / 10 AM CST / 4 PM GMT / 8 AM PST

The Pistoia Alliance established a community of interest where different organizations are sharing their challenges and best practices around Biological Licensing. One of the identified needs formulated during the previous discussions was to benchmark what the industry is doing in response to the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing.

You’re invited to join us on December 15 at 11 AM EST for “Biological Licensing Roundtable #2 – Nagoya Protocol,” an interactive roundtable discussion about compliance with the UK ABS regulation.

We will be joined by Jane Eva Collins, Access and Benefit Sharing Team Lead, BEIS, (UK Government Administration) as she comments on and provides insight into the compliance with the UK ABS regulation.

For more information, please email anca.ciobanu@pistoiaalliance.org.


Anca Ciobanu

Anca Ciobanu, Strategic Lead

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of R&D: This theme will aim to drive transformation and reduce barriers to innovation in R&D by solving common pain points that scientists encounter. For example, data governance issues, company reluctance to adopt new technologies, or difficulty providing use cases that prove value. This theme is led by Anca Ciobanu, who is a leading consultant and product manager to global pharma and biotechnology companies.



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