Strategic Priorities & Portfolio Update - Member Only Event


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Join us for this inaugural update on the newly formed Strategic Priorities of the Pistoia Alliance, followed by a 30 minutes Q&A with our panellists; you will have the chance to discuss ways to get involved in our current and new initiatives. You’ll also have the opportunity to put forward new project ideas to the team.


Dr Becky Upton, President of the Pistoia Alliance

  • Introduction

Dr Christian Baber, Chief Portfolio Officer, Pistoia Alliance

  • Strategic Priorities Overview
  • Harnessing AI to Expedite R&D
  • Delivering Data-Driven Value

Thierry Escudier, Portfolio Lead, Pistoia Alliance  

  • Accelerating Use of Real-World Data
  • Sustainability Driven R&D

If you are a member and interested in attending please email