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The Pistoia Alliance Life Science Informatics Forum was established in 2021 and was launched with a series of activities in the UK. In 2024, the alliance expanded the forum with a series of European-based activities.

The objectives of these Forums are to develop communities focused on sparking discussions on leading-edge topics within the broader European Life Science / Biopharma Informatics domains, and identifying pre-competitive common challenges, amenable to common solutions for the Pistoia Alliance to address.

📆 Evolution Timeline:

2021: Birth of the Life Science Informatics Forum in the UK

2022: Initiation of the first two meetings in London

2023: A year of growth with four insightful meetings.

2024: Q1 Meeting at the AstraZeneca DISC in Cambridge – theme “imaging”.


⏰ Forum format:

15:00 Forum kick-off, typically on a mid-week day, with a greeting from that meeting’s sponsor.

This is followed by 3-4 “lightning” presentations, each lasting 15-20 minutes, by specialists well-versed in the chosen theme to provide the body of knowledge to inform the later discussions.

16:45 Refreshment break to allow for networking.

17:15 Facilitated interactive debates: engaging group discussions, enriched by the earlier sessions.

18:30 Post-meeting reception, courtesy of our meeting sponsor.

👥 Member Dynamics:

With a strong membership base of  industry professionals, we follow the “rule of 30” for our meetings. This ensures that while we have a comprehensive range of perspectives, the gathering remains of a size to allow for uninhibited dialogues.

🔗 Connect & Collaborate:

If you would like the opportunity to engage in relevant informatics discussions and network with fellow practitioners in the industry, join the Pistoia Alliance Life Science Informatics Forum by getting in touch with: or