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The Pistoia Alliance Life Science Informatics Forum was established in 2021 and was launched with a series of activities in the UK. In 2024, the alliance expanded the forum with a series of European-based activities and now we are delighted to be able to host the first Pistoia Alliance Life Science Informatics Forum – USA, on June 27, 2024.

The objectives of these Forums are to develop communities focused on sparking discussions on leading-edge topics within the broader European Life Science / Biopharma Informatics domains, and identifying pre-competitive common challenges, amenable to common solutions for the Pistoia Alliance to address.

Our first forum will focus on AI: The Opportunities and Risks from Discovery to Clinical Use Cases. We have some excellent speakers including Matthew Clark, Dimitris K. Agrafiotis and Matt Van Itallie.

Hosted by EPAM Systems and sponsored by Sema this forum provides time during the sessions for open peer networking and discussions. The agenda includes sessions on AI in early discovery, both the opportunities presented and the potential implications with evolving regulatory concerns, and the implications of generated AI on IP filings.

The presentation will drill down on the reduction of animal testing through the use of AI and predictive models. This work, initially published by Matthew Clark, Greg Friedrichs and others in 2018 and winning the Safety Pharmacology Society publication of the year, resulted in a review of EMA regulatory standards for animal testing, and potential changes to regulatory requirements. This has significant impact on ethical use and sustainability for any company or entity looking at drug discovery.

👥 Member Dynamics:

With a strong membership base of  industry professionals, we follow the “rule of 30” for our meetings. This ensures that while we have a comprehensive range of perspectives, the gathering remains of a size to allow for uninhibited dialogues.

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If you would like the opportunity to engage in relevant informatics discussions and network with fellow practitioners in the industry, join the Pistoia Alliance Life Science Informatics Forum by getting in touch with