Webinar: Building a Knowledge Graph for Drug Discovery with SciBite and Stardog


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Data in the life sciences is vast, ever expanding, and captured in a plethora of different formats. To extract actionable insights from such a complex data landscape, sources need to be harmonised, or integrated. Knowledge graphs provide an intuitive means of representing these connected data and utilise ontologies to encode the semantics, or meaning, of entities and the relationships that exist between them.

In this webinar we will present the development of a knowledge graph in the area of drug repositioning. We will demonstrate how SciBite and Stardog technology enable pre-existing unstructured and semi-structured data to be combined into a rich knowledge graph. In addition, we will show how the SciBite semantic platform: supports the creation of knowledge graph schema based on relevant ontologies; aligns unstructured data to these ontologies; and identifies-occurrence relations between entities.


  • Simon Jupp, Senior Solutions Engineer at SciBite
  • Tiago Almeida, Senior Data Scientist at SciBite
  • Nick McHugh, Senior Solutions Consultant at Stardog

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