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Read more and Register here: https://www.westchesterbiotechproject.org/wbpeurope

Join your colleagues for a virtual, cross-Atlantic session to discuss emerging opportunities for international growth.


About Westchester Biotech Project Europe
Direct and agile collaboration without borders has become crucial to speeding up innovation and market access. The digital revolution has enabled landmark scientific and medical research progress unpredictable even a few years back. At the same time, expanding capital for early-stage start-ups is enabling the future success of these innovations.


To stimulate and strengthen connections across the Atlantic, we have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Westchester Biotech Project Europe


This collaboration further engages the US-European scientific community, strengthening our connections with the international innovation scene. Mutual exchange programs are in the works, honoring the pivotal relationship between scientific disciplines and international regions.


About Westchester Biotech Project
The Westchester Biotech Project brings together researchers, engineers, and data scientists from across therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Based in Westchester County, NY, this is a borderless initiative with opportunities for local, national, and international collaboration.