The Pistoia Alliance is looking at future priorities for our CoE for AI in Life Sciences and Health. Building on the feedback after our recent London workshop Mar 2019 and the webinars & events over the last few months.

Our current list is below and we welcome your views on the priorities here and where you would like to get involved.


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Equally just get in touch with the CoE Project Lead Vladimir Makarov or Nick Lynch

  1. Regulatory landscape for medical devices and pharmaceuticals that rely on AI
  2. Ethics & adoption of AI in Life Sciences & Health
  3. AI/ML Model versioning & the data/model provenance
  4. BioMedical Image processing & Analysis using AI (image feature recognition & quantification)
  5. Flow Cytometry usage
  6. FAIR data, Ontologies & Data Annotation supporting data analysis
  7. Best practices in use of AI in life sciences (e.g. Data quality)
  8. Federated or privacy preserving model building across organisations, secure sharing
  9. Synthetic data for supporting model building in Life Science
  10. Natural Language Processing (NLP) & text extraction
  11. AI in Drug Design (structure optimization, generative drug design/de novo, molecular property prediction, etc)
  12. AI in big data mining
  13. AI supporting Clinical Trials