Pistoia Alliance Global Knowledge-Sharing: Emerging Science & Technology in Japan Life Sciences


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When: December 9, 15:30 PM JST / 6:30 AM GMT / 1:30 AM EST / 10:30 PM PST

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The Pistoia Alliance has a global mission to “lower barriers to innovation in life science R&D & healthcare.” To support this, the Pistoia Alliance is running the third of its global knowledge-sharing webinars to provide some specific examples of where the pre-competitive collaboration, shared-risk, shared-reward model can bring benefit.


The session will begin with a Keynote Address on the evaluation of innovation and sustainability of the healthcare budget and will lead into a panel discussion with Japan life science leaders addressing what activities the Japan Chapter of the Pistoia Alliance should undertake.


A principal outcome of this event will be a better understanding of some of the hot topics facing the Japanese Life Sciences community and how the Pistoia Alliance community can come together to help address them.


15:30 Welcome & Opening Remarks


Keynote Presentation

Purpose-led Sustainability and Partnership

  • Masato Iwasaki, Ph.D., Representative Director Japan General Affairs, Takeda

Lightning Talk

Pistoia Alliance: Key Strategic Themes



Opening Remarks

  • Hisafumi Yamada, Executive Vice President, Research and Translational Research, Chugai
Preclinical/Clinical Data Sharing Among Biopharma Companies: Learnings From MELLODDY Consortiums and Alliance Among Japanese Pharms

  • Hideyoshi Fuji, Ph.D., Computational Chemist leading AI-driven drug discovery, Astellas
Patient-Centric Clinical Trial Through Digitalization: Possibility /Limitation and How to Accelerate

  • Yumi Inadome, Associate Sales Engineering Director, IQVIA Services Japan
Overcoming the regulatory hurdle of medical data use and digital healthcare
Current issues in Japan and differences from US and UK

  • Ayuko Nemoto, Law and Patent Office – Partner, Attorney at Law, Sonderhoff & Einsel
AI/Digital Health Alliance Between Biopharma Companies and Digital/Tech Start-up Companies
How to make the alliances more productive?
How to overcome cultural differences?

Sustaining an ecosystem that transforms cutting edge science into impactful health solutions
How to make and maintain the ecosystem in Japan?

Interactive Question & Answer Session

  • Facilitated by Hisafumi Yamada, Executive Vice President, Research and Translational Research, Chugai
16:55 Closing Remarks

17:00 Close


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