Pistoia Alliance's Insight into Collaborative Innovation Session - Asia-Pacific Region


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Title:  Pistoia Alliance’s Insight into Collaborative Innovation Session – Asia-Pacific Region


When: September 21, 10 AM JST


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The Pistoia Alliance has a global mission to “lower barriers to innovation in life science R&D and healthcare.”


To support this, the Pistoia Alliance is hosting an information session for life science professionals who want to find out more about all the exciting projects, communities, and initiatives that Pistoia Alliance members are currently leading.

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Hideyoshi Fuji Hideyoshi Fuji, PhD
Japan Outreach Lead, Member Services, Pistoia AllianceEmail: Hideyoshi.Fuji@PistoiaAlliance.org
Connect: Hideyoshi Fuji, PhD on LinkedIn


Interested in Joining the Pistoia Alliance?

There has never been a more important time to collaborate to innovate as an industry! If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Pistoia Alliance membership and how you can get involved with all the different initiatives we run, please send an email to Membership@PistoiaAlliance.org.