What is UX?
User Experience (UX) encompasses the end-user’s interaction with a product, tool, or system. It involves deeply understanding users through research, organizing information, visual design (and more), all with the goal of meeting user needs and doing it elegantly. This is especially important in the life sciences, where users are scientists in a complex environment, and more usable, efficient tools can accelerate innovation.


UX skillsets can be confusing
The differences in UX skillsets are confusing enough for people who have been in the field for 20 years. There are no common frameworks that the industry buys into and can universally agree on and the world keeps changing.


People who hire and work with UX and Design people find it hard to define what they really need, or worse want everything (the unicorn).


A framework to understand UX skillsets
This team came together to articulate a problem in the life sciences space. They have come up with a framework to help non-UX literate managers, peers, and recruiters to understand the skills, activities they might need to look for when building their teams.

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