Controlled Substance Compliance


Doing chemistry requires pharma companies to produce, store, and transport controlled substances. But identifying which substances are controlled and which rules govern their handling vary by geography and international boundaries. The Pistoia Alliance aims to establish a Controlled Substance Compliance Service that will provide a single source of information on global legislation on controlled substances. The effort will:

  • Provide a single source of clear, detailed, and accurate understanding of regulations across regions and geographies
  • Enable pharmas to maintain compliance in whatever geography they operate
  • Incorporate compound structure searching and other necessary search mechanisms
  • Reduce the demands on dedicated domain experts at each pharma, enabling organizations to reduce risk
  • Eliminate replication of effort and create a high-quality, shared resource that will benefit the industry as a whole


  • Rob Lifely (project lead), GSK
  • Anne Dunlop (project analyst), Scitegrity