HELM takes on indescribable biology

HELM addresses a problem at the root level of drug discovery. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are looking at increasingly complex molecules in the search for new therapeutics, testing out RNA- and peptide-based compounds that tap directly into cellular pathways.

Report on the CSCS Expert Community Kick-off Meeting

The proposal for the CSCS Expert Community originated from the Pistoia Alliance CSCS Project, which ran from November 2012 – April 2014.  The CSCS Project completed successfully with the delivery of two commercially available Controlled Substance Compliance Services by ChemAxon/Patcore and Scitegrity.

Notes from the Pistoia Alliance Annual Conference 2014 in NYC

Having joined the Pistoia Alliance as Executive Director Operations just one week earlier, last week’s annual conference in New York was very much in at the deep end for me. In many respects I was there with the same intention as the majority of the other delegates: to learn more about what the Alliance is, what it has been doing, and what it plans to do next.