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Coming soon: You will soon be able to download the entire csv file directly from the website!

The Pistoia Alliance Chemical Safety Library project is dedicated to sharing previously inaccessible hazardous reaction information in the interest of increased laboratory and personal safety across the chemical industries. Previously, this information may only have been available within the company where the incident occurred. The Pistoia Alliance have now developed a data submission tool to capture, store and search such hazardous reaction information, and it's free to use. You can input events to warn others, and you can check individual incidents or download the entire data set to use within your own systems.

By building a rich data source of hazardous reaction information through this tool, and making it easily accessible we can all improve safety for those scientist carrying out experiments in the lab.

Please help us prevent repetition of dangerous events. If you have questions or feedback about the Chemical Safety Library, email the administrator.

Top Tips

* Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari (make sure your browser is set to allow pop-ups)
* If you have forgotten your login details please contact
* When submitting a reaction you must set Reporter to your name by searching for and selecting it. Your name and organisation will be hidden to other users and only available to the admin function.
* When submitting a reaction you must create the reaction first, save it, and then on the next screen add the reagents
* After adding reagents to return to the Home screen, if clicking the Home button does not work, select Help, and then Clear cache
* Reagent searching and Synonyms: (Methylene chloride or Dichloromethane!) If you cannot find the reagent with one name, search synonyms before entering manually. Synonyms can be found at ChemSpider, Wikipedia or Google

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