The aim of the Unified Data Model (UDM) project is to create and publish an open and freely available data format for storage and exchange of experimental information about compound synthesis and biological testing.

Project deliverables

We don’t start from scratch.  Elsevier has transferred to the Pistoia Alliance ownership of their UDM file format used to upload chemical reaction data into the Reaxys system. We are working on making it more generic and vendor-neutral as well as extending it to cover various screening and compound testing experiments.

The lack of a common standard to exchange data creates unnecessary barriers in drug discovery:

  • Collaboration and data exchange with partners and CROs using different systems is difficult.
  • Integration, comparison and analysis of research data from various sources is very laborious.
  • It is problematic to develop and share business rules and protocols, for consistent representation of experiments and IP capture.

The UDM file format will help to address those issues and enable a seamless data integration between various systems, in particular, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks.


How to get involved

If you would like to participate or have any further questions, please contact our project manager Jarek Tomczak (

Project Funders